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Sunday, March 12, 2017

A little reflection on Purim - Testing the Limits - 5777-2017


The Megila seems to present so many instances of people challenging, outdoing, and testing the limits of themselves and others. Vashti being forced to come to display herself, and subsequently the male assertion over the women, Esther putting herself out there into the hands of Achashvairosh, the lots-lottery that Haman did is also a form of challenge, Haman was Mordechai's slave and yet he makes a power grab to have everyone bowing to him, and Esther playing on Ach. to get another meet, and then to get more revenge, and more, and in the revenge how many and so forth and so on. Not to mention the obligation to drink until one passes the limit where he can differentiate between the blessing and the curse.

It seems to me that all this coincides with the principles revealed by Rabbainu in Likutay Moharan, Torah-lesson 56 that one needs vessels, and the Torah is the vessels. The reality - reality - is really spiritual, just that Hashem Yisburach pulled off an amazing feat by providing the illusion of this world, in which people are all caught up in physicality, and in no way can the physical properly hold the spiritual. So there is always going to be tremendous stress on everything physical - forces stretching, pushing, and pulling, the physical is simply inadequate and is caught in the magnitude of things infinitely greater.

This is why specifically on Purim the Jews accepted the Torah willfully, because they came to grips with what was going on, that they were being overloaded and overwhelmed by all the various forces at play. [This is reminiscent of what we learn in Sefer Yitzeera (Book of Creation) - If your heart runs return to One - when confronted with the opening of doors to things above your paygrade, and you are at risk, return to One - to the Unity of Hashem, and that is through holding on to the letters of the Torah which are the Names of Hashem].   With the Torah one gets real vessels that are capable of properly weathering, containing, and operating all the supernal forces and elements. In fact even the disputes of the Torah - machloakes lishaim shumayim - fit right into this scheme, and on the contrary they are the home of all real da'as (realization of knowledge) - as Rabbainu revealed in the Torah there.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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