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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Simple very effective meditation


There is a very simple technique to really soothe and relax your body and mind. Simply sit comfortably and address each and every single part of your body individually, and tell it to loosen up and relax - there are some that suggest to first tell it to flex and tense up and then tell it to relax - and so one categorically addresses every muscle, bone, joint and whatever - you will feel and experience empirically how this simple dialogue works wonders.

Rabbainu said you should talk to your limbs, tell them to fear and be in awe of Hashem! Tell them that they aren't in the world for very much longer, and soon they will be rotting in the grave... Tell them about the aspect of Moshe Rabbainu - the utter humility - that is cloaked in them.

These are two paradigms; the external paradigm (of these two, but very much internal compared to the other consciousnesses) is fear and awe - יראת ה' - the fear and awe of Hashem - Yiras - is numerical value 611 together with nefesh and ruach (two yichudim of Hava'ya Adny and Hava'ya Elokim) equal the 613 components of the body - (see Yichud Ha'yeeru of Ramachal). The inner paradigm is the humility which is the paradigm that is resurrected - as explained in Likutay Moharan.
[The level of Yiru, I think can be correlated with the 2nd level of the general yichud explained in the Ramchal's kavanos for the prayers, and the level of humility, which culminates with mem vuv = 100 through Moshe Rabbainu, as explained at the end of Yichud Ha'yeeru, is the complete yichud described there - the 3rd level].

Based on this principle I put together some conversations one might like to have with the different parts of his body in this little book:

Pray With Your Limbs & Other Devotions of a Nanach

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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