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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bounty in Uman

BH this week Gilad fired all the Ukrainian women who baked and cooked for him, he couldn't deal with their stealing. So HY sent the pilgrims here food in other ways. E.g. one person came to give thanks for a miracle Rabbi Nachman had done for them - after having all but given up on finding a mate, she or he came to the holy tomb and a few months later was on the way to getting married - so they put down some food here. Another guy came with twin girls 5 years old, they were born miraculously after being childless for a few years and having went through all the types of fertility treatments they had given up. They made a short visit at the holy tomb of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman - they arrived exhausted, so they prayed a bit and went to their lodgings to sleep and continue to pray afterwards. The women had an apparition (the whole thing is printed out here) and very excited they returned immediately to the holy tomb to pray intensely. Shortly afterwards they returned to the holy land and immediately were contacted by someone with some sort of treatment they had not yet tried, even though they were tired from the trip, they immediately took the procedure, and had the twins.

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