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Monday, June 9, 2014

Early hafatza

HH Weinstock comes to Uman a few times a year with his two sons. He was drawn to Rabbainu by his brother. In 1971 he was 20 years old in Israel and prayed with the Breslovers and then he went to Uman. Then he went to America and printed Likutay Moharan maybe about 2000 - large hard cover with new letters it was relatively cheap coming to about $3 a book. Mail was also cheap so he mailed one to every single Jewish community in the world. He asked them for donations and he estimates that 90% sent him nothing, there were some donations of $18 and other amounts. This is mamash awesome who can fathom what this one kid did to purify and fix the world!!!! Later he printed many other Breslov books and travelled all around the world distributing them. Where I grew up (Nanachs  don't grow up, but you know what I mean) in a Yeshiva community in Toronto that was somewhat anti anything holy (e.g. they did their utmost to prevent boys dipping in the mikva on Shabbos. It is interesting to note that the Rosh Yeshiva who was the antagonist, a very sweet man died from burns he suffered from a fall in a bathtub with the hot water pouring down R"L apparently HY in His great love wished to save him from punishment in the next world. There is a great deal more to be said but for now: Na Nach Nachma Nachman  MeUman) and even still BH some of Weinstocks publications made their way into the Yeshiva library and are there to this day! Undoubtedly this had a tremendous positive impact on the community.
May HY bless him with all the blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman  MeUman!

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