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Monday, November 30, 2015

Revenge - a murdered Jew is buried with a knife - and he takes them out one by one


In the time of the Ba"ch, the gentiles were jealous of a successful Jewish merchant, so they murdered him R"L. When they buried him, they put a small knife in the grave, as was the custom for a murdered Jew. Afterwards a gentile saw this murdered Jew chasing after him with a knife, and he killed him, and this reoccurred time and time again, and he was intent on killing all of them... until an apostate Jew figured out what was happening, and the gentiles said that the next day they would dig up the grave and if they found a knife there they would G"F kill out all the Jews. That night the Bach's father came to him in a dream and warned him to remove the knife from the grave, the Bach didn't believe in dreams, but it happened 3 times, so he took note and sent the Chevra Kadisha to extract the knife. They dug up the grave and saw Yosselle with the knife in his hand, and try as they might they couldn't remove it. So they told the Bach, the Bach told them to tell Yosselle that they would learn mishnayos for him and all sorts of such favors, but it was to no avail, Yosselle wouldn't give up the knife! It was nearing daybreak so the Bach came in person, and wasn't successful. Finally the Bach whispered something in his ear, and Yosselle gave up the knife, and they sealed up the grave. That day the gentiles dug up the grave and saw that there was no knife. No one was able to divulge from the Bach the secret which he whispered into Yosselle's ear. When the Bach died he revealed that he promised Yosselle that in return for saving the city, he as the Rav of the city would be buried next to him, and so it was...

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman

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