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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Words without borders - se*less words


According to the kabbala letters and words are the basic key makeup of the world. In Hebrew there are (with a few exceptions, like the sun, wind, fire -- see Rashi beginning of this weeks Torah portion - VaYishlach) masculine and feminine words (I wonder how long that's going to go uncontended), and obviously this plays out to huge ramifications in the all of creation. English, the most spoken language does not differentiate between se*es, so it was just a matter of time for us to see the mayhem the world is experiencing particularly in the western world, where the lines between se*es is being blurred.

Rabbainu clearly associates and attributes the bad traits of the nations to their languages (see for example Torah 19 in Likutay Moharan) in the collective defection of the holiness of the covenant (circumcision), so it follows that English, which is the collect all, melting pot, of so many languages, would do away entirely with the conduit to the separation which is the composition of holiness. Today's results full blown results were inevitable, just a matter of when they would surface and show their colors.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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