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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Triggers programmed to holiness - Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!


Reverting evil to the epitome of holiness and good

When a person is confronted by bad thoughts, hears vulgar language, or sees enticing thing, all of which bombard his mind, swamping him with ill desires trying to overwhelm him to give up his hold and give in, plunge down Heaven forbid, and when a person accustoms himself to scream to Hashem Yisburach at all such instances, to scream and scream with all his heart and might, in this way he ultimately brings about a fundamental phenomenal tikkun. For in this way the person trains and ingrains in himself that these images, sounds, or thoughts trigger strong crying out to Hashem Yisburach. Everytime this person experiences such and such, together with the evil urge comes a strong shouting and upheaval to find refuge in the mercy and unity of Hashem Yisburach. In time, it may take one day, one year, twenty or fifty years, it could take till after he dies, but eventually the evil lure will fade, and the objects of enticement will remain bare skeletons of emptiness, and now they will only be conduits and reminders of the holiness which they conjured. The most disgusting perverted glamor which held so many captive to the other side will actually conjure only yearning and longing for Hashem Yisburach!

Sometimes unfortunately we are afflicted by opposite, certain words or images invoke in us reminders of something unholy, and we must do our utmost to reprogram these instinctive reflex triggers to holy ones. Take the time to address it head on, if it is a word, try to figure out how this word actually has holy roots and persuasion, something to latch on to and project for yourself instead of the unholy. Empower the good venue you found with strong conviction, which itself is screaming to Hashem Yisburach to help afix you on the path of holiness.

In this way one changes the whole world for the good, sanctifying his surrounding and his very well-being. Rabbi Nachman said that there is a construct that everything is turned to good.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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