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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Day by day


Thank G-d this Shabbos we were blessed with respite from the terrible rav, hopefully B"H we won't see him anymore until he merits to not be a rav.... Elchanan and Shmuel Odess were here for Shabbos and in the afternoon Sharon and Gavriel Boem walked over and joined us, just in time, because a few large groups of American teenagers, probably on birthright, came and the children gave them all a leaflet with the story of the lost princess (the only thing I had in English), one book of Legendary tales, and the Petek with Saba on the other side, and Gavriel was able to tell them some stuff in English. Later from a distance they were enamored by my raucous boisterous laughter which I have developed to resonate at a very high decibel, and they drew out their cameras to record, I hope I did not violate the prohibition of lifnay eavehr (even if electricity is probably at best a rabbinic prohibition...).

Just now I came back from R' Meir bal Hanais, on one side chabad was promoting their dead messiah, and on the other the holy Nanachs were spreading the light of redemption.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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