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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tikun to not wear tefillin!


A few years ago in Uman I was sitting by holy tomb, and I went for a little walk during which I saw something very interesting which I don''t care to share right now, when I came back I learned that someone had made away with my three pairs of tefillin. To this day I have only merited to two of the three, and even the acquisition of those two was no simple feat, and although B"H I never missed a day of Rashi, I think I missed plenty of Rabbainu Tam (although I don't remember well enough - but I would not wear the chabad ones no matter what), and to this day I'm missing on number 3. So obviously I considered that maybe some of the tefillin were possul (but what are the odds on all three?), or not mihudar (maybe not a good scribe...), or maybe this was a tikun to long for tefillin... Don't know.

So just now I was rereading Siach Sarfey Kodesh (which is allegedly about 60% accurate) and I saw (volume 2: 140) that there was a great miracle worker that drew close to Rabbainu, Rabbi Yitzchok Leib, and Rabbainu gave him different things to do, and one of them was not to wear Rabbainu Tam tefillin for one year.

So what do we know at all, Rabbainu arranged some sort of tikun like that for me too (even though I am no great miracle worker, unless you count NNNNM, in which case... ).

 Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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