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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Description for the New Special Edition of Sefer Hamidos

B"H soon a special edition of the new English Sefer Hamidos will be available for purchase from Amazon - under the title "Character" for $35.

The BISAC I chose was: Body, Mind & Spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth

The description for the book in 3992 characters of the allotted 4000:

HH: The Book of The Traits – Saifehr Hameedoas - part 1 was authored by Rabbi Nachman when he was still a young child, Rabbi Nachman also called this holy book, The Aleph Beth Book because it alphabetically charts all the influences, nuances, and manifestations of human CHARACTER. Part 2 was authored much later and is infinitely more profound. Many of the imports are seemingly found in the Oral Torah, and different scholars have documented those that are explicit, and challenged themselves to find sources and hints in the Torah to those that are not. In this special edition, some of the notes and insights of the translator are published in Hebrew at the back of the book. Rabbi Nachman professed that he drew these teachings from their very loftiest root and are not simple quotations, even the order they are presented in, is intrinsic to the teachings, one can and should understand each entry in light of the neighboring teachings.
Rabbi Nachman held this book in extremely high regard, stating that it was integral in making him a Jew. He urged his adherents to be proficient in this holy book. Rabbi Nachman always stressed and made abundantly clear that the main purpose and intent of the Torah is to apply it practically, one should pray to merit to realize and accomplish each and every teaching, and fully commit and devote himself to attaining the concepts taught. This book which presents the attributes of all the traits is thus a most excellent tool for a person to actually bring the Torah to fruition, to properly and effectively fix and perfect one's character and achieve that which the Holy Merciful One G-d desires from us. Breslov Hasidim would therefore take this book with them to study wherever they went, especially since it is very suited even for casual and intermittent study.
As with everything that emanated from Rabbi Nachman, every word can be understood at the most simplest level and also on the deepest and most esoteric kaballistic comprehension. That is why this critical translation was done with painstaking examination of every word and letter to provide the most accurate, loyal, and authoritative translation to the reader, while offering the original Hebrew text so that the ultimate meaning can be attained.
Rabbi Nachman revealed and taught the most simple and profound life lessons, yet the world had a hard time accepting these bare truths and thus he was considered very controversial. However in modern times, when everything is being exposed, and many fields and areas of human nature, development, and self improvement are being pursued ardently even in the secular community, people are becoming increasingly appreciative of the superlative status of Rabbi Nachman in his role as the master of the Jewish people and educator of all of mankind. People are discovering how Rabbi Nachman speaks to the modern man and woman like no other, directly addressing the very nature of their day to day trials and tribulations. In his teachings Rabbi Nachman is telling them, I've been there, and I'm there right now with you, and this is the way we have to come to grips with what is going on.
This holy book should obviously be studied from cover to cover, however one should also consult it to look up a particular trait or matter at hand. Also, at any given time when seeking guidance or inspiration, one can open this holy book randomly and see the direction indicated by the teachings presented there. This is an extremely holy book, and just having it one's possession provides great benefit.

Rabbi Nachmans said that every teaching of his, has a story (Life of Rabbi Nachman 94), and it has a melody, and a dance (ibid 340). If one were to only see and hear the Torah with its melody and dance, he would be completely nullified, his soul stretched to its utmost with longing, from the utter extremely wondrous and fabulous exquisite pleasure. May we merit to experience this with this holy book, in the merit of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman.

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