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Sunday, May 1, 2016

The renewal and magnetism of Messiah


Just saw that there's a video going around of a one day old otter, it had over 26,000,000 views. So I was thinking that we know that Messiah is the aspect of one day old, like it says in Psalms - אני היום ילדתיך - so maybe that is part of the magnetism of Messiah, which will captivate the whole world, his aspect of being new-born. Messiah is so called because of his prayer - Maysee-ach (same exact word in Hebrew) - conversing with G-d, and we know this from many torahs from Rabbainu. Thus we see the power of Messiah that even though he is utterly dedicated to constantly speaking with HY, he still has complete renewal to the extent that he is considered a newborn. The truth is that it is because of the prayer that Messiah will merit this, just like Rabbainu merited to see the world completely new every time he came back from hisbodidus. The more we are really praying to HY and speaking out all of our heart the younger we become, and the more the whole world is included in ones stature.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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