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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Short Prayer - printed after Tikun Haklalli - many say it daily

This prayer we found in our files, it is short and powerfully

Master of the World, Effector of effectors, and the Causer of all the causes, You are above, higher than all, and there is nothing higher than You, for no thought can grasp You at all, and silence is befitting praise for You (Psalms 65:2), and [You] are loftier than all blessing and praise. You I turn to, You I beseech to bore a tunnel in a hidden (/established) way from You, by way of all the worlds until my evolution in the place where I stand, in accordance with what is apparent to You, Knower of the hidden, and in this way and path shine upon me Your light, to return me in truly complete repentance before You, as is Your true desire, as is the desire of the choice of creation: Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman, that I should not think in my thoughts any foreign thought or any thought or confusion which is against Your Will, just, to bind to pure, pristine and holy thoughts of Your service, in truth, in perception of You and Your Torah. “Incline my heart to Your testimony (Psalms 119:36),” and give me a pure heart to serve You truly. And from the depth of the ocean take me out to great light, extremely quickly and soon, the salvation of Hashem in the blink of the eye, to bask in the light of lilfe all the days I am on the face of the earth. And I should merit to renew my youth, the days that transpired in darkness, to return them to holiness, and my departure from the world should be as my entry – without sin. And I should merit to see the pleasantness of Hashem and visit His chamber (which) entirely resonates glory: amen, netzach (eternally/victorious), selah, vu-ed (forever).

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman

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