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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Saba Yisroel and Meir Maimoni

Now he is a Rosh Kollel in Chatzor (a town near Tzfas), he was frequently by Saba, he would often come with Shemmer (the guy who wrote the books for Uz - zugdon, and BH broke off from this cult leader), and Saba would laugh on their arrival.
Saba revealed to him his previous gilgul as a rabbi in Safed, and possibly even his exact burial spot.
Once he came to Saba wearing a brand new jacket and Saba kept praising it, which was very strange and out of character, so Meir offered it to Saba, and Saba accepted it.
Later when he got home he discovered that at the very time Saba was coming on to his to new jacket, his infant son starting choking on a toy - a chain of plastic fruit, and when he gave the jacket to Saba, the toy dislodged from his throat, and he was saved. When Meir returned to Saba he found his new jacket disregarded.

Meir also heard from Saba who said of himself that he extracted himself from the maitzach (forehead- point of brazenness) of the nachash (snake).

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