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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Blossoms of the Spring - Letter 2

With the Help of G-d, Monday, Holiday of Independence, 717 (Monday, 6 May, 1957)

This is the day that G-d did with us miracles and wonders in order to make great and sanctify His Great Name, we rejoice and are happy in His salvation, and express our gratitude and sing praises before Him Blessed He. So He should finish with us the complete redemption which after it has no exile.

In honor of my dear cherished pleasant friend, personage of intelligence and wisdom to determine and understand the truth, Mr. Zalman Shazar, (greetings of) peace and eternal life.

Driven by yearning and longing and great love and true love, pure of ulterior vain motives, which will never be extinguished, I have come here to bring happiness to his pure heart with a sampling of treats and precious delicacies which his soul loves, content sweeter than honey, illuminating to they eyes, and restoring the soul from paths of death to the paths of life, which flow out from the source of wisdom revealed by the hallowed concealed light of lights, our holy and awesome master ob”m.

First of all I will repeat twice and thrice my deep thanks from the depth of a true heart for the generosity of his pure heart with the sum of ten lira which I received a month ago through Mrs. D. Ussoavaski, and he should know that immediately I gave the full aforementioned sum to the hands of our holy master ob”m as a redemption for his soul, that is (I put the money) in the charity fund (lit. Box) for his holy affairs, to benefit the public (-afford them with the opportunity to gain merit), and I am praying and expectant that in return for this, he will be blessed by G-d from Zion with long life and all good, and he will renew his soul for the good, in such a way that he will feel profoundly in his heart, and his mind, and in all his bones the pleasantness of the sweetness of the light of the daas (realization of knowledge) of the true tzadik which shines even now like the sun at noon, in the whole entire world, until he merits in his lifetime to rectify everything in the utmost rectification, and to transmute all the sins to merits.

The truth I shall say, that for a long time I was happy and had great nachas (-satisfaction and enjoyment especially from one’s children or students) when I saw with my eyes that he has the merit of a matter precious, wondrous, and exalted, high and lofty, that there is nothing higher than it.

Whoever really, truly desires, and doesn't fool himself, can understand from afar where the true daas (realization of knowledge) that is worthy of relying upon it and believing in it, is, and who the true tzadikim and kosher (-upright) people are, and to whom it is befitting to bond oneself in truth.

The main rectification and atonement of all the sins is only through the true tzadik who works to draw (down) the lights of the makeefeen (-peripheral, surrounding, encompassing – these are of a higher level), and to illuminate the daas in Israel, through which he extracts them from sins, and not only (lit. Enough) that he saves Israel through this from sins, he even has the power to atone sins so to speak (“kavi-yuchol” - that is, this is really solely the jurisdiction of G-d, but nevertheless, the tzadik has reach even here), because the lights of his makeefeem are the aspect of the future world, the aspect of teshuva (-repentance), the aspect of Yom Kippur (-The Day of Atonement), where all the sins are atoned, and all the sins are transmuted there to merits. [T.N. see Likutay Halachos, Yoreh Dayah, Raishis Hagaiz 3].

Every one, according to how much he recognizes in his soul, the enormity of his shortcomings, and his utter alienation that he has so much distanced from Hashem Yisburach, so too he needs specifically to draw close to the true Rebbe of the very, very greatest stature, because the smaller he is – he needs a greater true Rebbe. [T.N. Likutay Moharan 30].

The general principle is, that the dominion is in the hands of the tzadik to perform transactions as he desires, and the main dominion is to illuminate and arouse the heart of an Israelite to the service of Hashem Yisburach. Therefore it is essential to bind oneself to the true tzadikim, and from them he will receive strength, and light, and arousal for Hashem Yisburach, until he truly returns to Hashem. [T.N. Likutay Moharan 34].

There is a supernal field where the neshamoas (-souls) grow, and these souls need a “Bal <master of> Hasudeh <the field>” (-a gardener) to oversee them and tend to their rectification. And it is necessary for every one who desires to have compassion on his neshama (-soul), to beseech and implore copiously before Hashem Yisburach all his days that he should merit to draw close to this tzadik who is the Bal Hasudeh <Master of the Field>, who gazes upon each one to bring him to the true tachlis (-ultimate purpose and end), because it is impossible to come to the good and eternal tachlis except by means of this tzadik who is the aspect of the supernal Bal Hasudeh. [T.N. Likutay Moharan 70].

All aitzoas (-advice, remedies) need to be obtained from true tzadikim, and through this the judgments are mitigated and he will receive salvation [T.N. Likutay Moharan 143 and 7].

The transcriber Yisroel Dov Odesser
House of Zalman Odesser


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