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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Blossoms of the Springs - Letter 4

Letter 4

B.H., 3 Shevat 718 (Friday, January 24, 1958), Tiberius.
In honor of the possessor of a rich soul, more precious than gems, the pleasant Mr. Z. Shazar. May Hashem protect him and give him a long life satiated with eternal joy and pleasantness.

It was joy to the heart and great delight to the soul for me, the even from Divine Providence that I merited to visit his chamber, brothers sitting even (-with G-d – Rashi, Psalms 133) together, with one heart, a true heart, I was very moved by the heartfelt attention.

I managed to get to know a little of the virtue of his refined soul, more than our meetings in Tiberius last year.

In truth, I say to him, that I do not divert my consciousness of him, he is ingrained in my heart and mind always, as well as, how I will merit to reveal and to illuminate to him the light of the daas (-realization of knowledge) of the light of lights, cached and hidden, Rabbainu Hakadosh (-our holy Rebbe) za.tza.l. which radiates in all the worlds. I will send him some selections of his holy discourses:

He said, I will lead you (plural) in a new way which was never in the world (Life of Our Leader Rabbi Nachman 264). How is it possible for them not to oppose me, being that I go in a new way that as of yet no man has went in it ever etc., even though it is an (extremely) ancient way, even still it is completely new (Life of Our Leader Rabbi Nachman 392). He said, if the Bal Shem Tov would hear my Torah it would be a novelty to him as well, if (Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai) would hear my Torah it would also be a novelty even then (Life of Our Leader Rabbi Nachman 381). I want to reveal and imbue fear (of Heaven) in my men, wondrous fear (of Heaven) that as of yet there has never been fear (of Heaven) such as this in the world (Life of Our Leader Rabbi Nachman 296).

He said regarding the renown leader whom are fraudulent; because upon the ‘bal duvur’ (litigator – Satan) it is very difficult to labor with the entire world to mislead them from the straight (-upright) way, therefore he placed one renown leader in a certain place and one renown leader in a certain place (Life of Our Leader Rabbi Nachman 537).

He said regarding the men of his persuasion, that it is difficult for them to elevate themselves to lead with rabbinate and superiority, because I imbued them with abundant truth, more than sufficient (Life of Our Leader Rabbi Nachman 538). The most inferior of my men I lead him in the way of a very great tzadik etc. (Life of Our Leader Rabbi Nachman 314). Whoever will draw close to the men of my persuasion, and even he who just touches them, will certainly be a truly kosher (-upright) person, and not just a kosher person, but even a very great tzadik, he will be, he who merits to draw close to my men (Life of Our Leader Rabbi Nachman 322). He said, I am a river which purifies (from) all stains (Life of Our Leader Rabbi Nachman 332).

I am a very beautiful and wondrous tree with very wondrous branches, and below I am set in the ground mamash (Life of Our Leader Rabbi Nachman 245). If I desired to reveal of myself – the entire world would run after me (Life of Our Leader Rabbi Nachman 246). I know clearly that I am the sole leader of the generation, and there is no leader like me (Life of Our Leader Rabbi Nachman 258). There will yet come a time when you will be very rueful for having in your hands such a wondrous novelty and you abandoned him etc. (Life of Our Leader Rabbi Nachman 259).

I have already finished, and I will finish (Life of Our Leader Rabbi Nachman 229, 322). In the future the entire world will be men of Breslov. “I will put in you (plural) lev <a heart> bussar <of flesh> (Yechezkel 11:19, 36:26)” - letters (of ‘lev busar’ are the same as:) Breslov (Life of Our Leader Rabbi Nachman 339).

The bal duvur (-litigator – Satan) overpowers a person, and doesn’t allow him to draw close to the true tzadik from whom everyone nurtures, however, as long as he is still included in Israel and did not leave entirely, then there is still hope for him to draw close to him (-the true tzadik) (Likutay Moharan II 45).

A person needs to examine deeply, and recognize the greatness of the Creator through each and every item of creation, until he comes to the aspect of the tachlis (-ultimate purpose) of that item. And people of low stature, like ourselves today, whom are all on a very inferior level, whom are unable to come to this knowledge, we should yearn and long greatly, “Who would give (-if only) that we had a leader of the generation, a faithful shepherd, who could illuminate even in us, the knowledge and conception of the Creator blessed He, without any separating partition, in order that we merit to come to the tachlis” (Likutay Moharan II 39). Even someone who fell terribly and is stuck in the bottom of hell, everyone can receive life from holiness wherever they are, therefore there truly is no despair in the world, and the main thing is, “From the belly of hell I screamed (Jonah 2),” because even a scream from the bottom of hell is never lost, and he should scream and scream before Hashem Yisburach always, be what may be, until Hashem looks and Hashem sees from Heaven (Meshivas Nefesh – Restoration of the Soul 42, Likutay Moharan II 78).

The essential perfection of the tzadik is to be able to show he who is lofty and is under the impression that he is on a supernal level – to show him that he is the opposite. And similarly, to he who is below, on a low level, to show him that he has yet to have lost hope, and even from there he can attach himself to Him blessed He, to return to Him, for there is no despair in the world whatsoever (Likutay Moharan II 68).

And contrivances are not necessary at all, for the main thing is just timeemus (-straightforward wholeheartedness), and pisheetus (-simplicity), and complete faith in Hashem Yisburach and the true tzadik. Fortunate is he who goes with timeemus (Psalms 119). Fortunate is he who merits to draw close to the true tzadik, fortunate is he, fortunate is his lot. And the Bal Duvur (-litigator – Satan) put his heart to this very much to confuse the world, and he established in the world many fraudulent renown leaders. And also between the true tzadikim he inserted strife, to the extent that no one knows where the truth is (Likutay Moharan II 78).

Once, Rabbainu Hakadosh za.tza.l. sat together with his disciple the holy rav, the Maggid (-preacher) of Teerhuveetzeh who was an old man, and had previously been from the elite disciples of the Baal Shem Tov za.tza.l., a friend of the Maggid of Mezritch (-the primary disciple of the Besh”t), and he (Rabbainu) grasped the beard of the aforementioned Maggid in an endearing fashion, and said to him, “A novelty like me has never yet been in the world (Life of Our Leader Rabbi Nachman 247), the world needs me very very much, because the world is not able to be without me whatsoever (ibid 248), I have the ability to return the whole world to propriety, not only the simple people, but even all the tzadikim and great men I can return them to propriety, because also the tzadikim need to be returned to propriety, and not only holy Israelites but even all the nations of the world, all of them, I can return them to Hashem Yisburach,and I could return them to Hashem Yisburach to lead them close to the religion of Israel,however it is sufficient for a servant to be as his Master (Life of Our Leader Rabbi Nachman 251).

He said, behold, also he who touches me a bit, even with a small finger – there is no measure to his virtue (Life of Our Leader Rabbi Nachman 300). What have you (-there is no need for you) to contemplate strategies, you only need to provide stones and mortar, and I build from them wondrous and awesome structures. And he protracted the word “structures” to aggrandize the praise of the wonders of the splendor of the awesome structures he builds with this (Life of Our Leader Rabbi Nachman 293). And he said, behold I am a treasure house of fear of Heaven, so why are they not avidly running after me to receive it. And they asked him, how is it possible to receive, and he answered, with the mouth and the heart, it is necessary to tunnel and request (ibid 294-5). True tzadikim reveal His Divinity blessed He to all that traverse the world. Even to the extremely alienated, that is the wicked and pagans (Likutay Moharan 33), for this is the main glory of Hashem Yisburach, when the overly alienated draw themselves close to the service of Hashem Yisburach, because then the glory of His Name blessed He is magnified and elevated (Likutay Moharan 59), therefore every person has to endeavor very much to draw those who are distanced, close to Hashem Yisburach (Likutay Moharan 62). And also no person should despair of himself from drawing close to the service of Hashem Yisburach due to having very distanced from Hashem Yisburach through his many sins, even though he abounded in doing evil Heaven forbid, because on the contrary, the more he is distant – through him the glory of Hashem Yisburach is made greater, when he strives to return and to draw close to Him blessed He (see also Likutay Halachos, Yoreh Dayah, Laws of Interest 5:24), for this is His main glory blessed He. However, this is impossible – for one distant from a Hashem to draw close properly, except by means of the true tzadik (Words of Rabbi Nachman – Sichos Huran 111, and various places in Likutay Halachos)!

I am confident that he will read this collection very attentively and he will instill them in the depth of his heart. I would be very happy if it would be possible to reply to me with his thoughts on this. He who holds him in esteem, and respects him, and prays for his well being and health always, inquires his well being and goodness in truth, and inquires the well being of all those in his company.

Yisroel Dov Odesser – House of Zalman Odesser – Tiberius

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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