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Friday, May 19, 2017

Blossoms of the Spring: Letter 3

Letter 3

B.H. 15 Eyar 717 (16 May, 1957)
In honor of my friend dear as my soul, Mr. Zalman Shazar, the good and the pleasant, ‘shalom rav’ (hearty greetings).

It is astonishing in my eyes that he did not reply to me on my previous letter, however, I judge him favorably, that he is very busy with his affairs, and especially because pertaining me, who am I, and certainly I am not worthy due to the utter lowliness of my level. Even still, I am continuing to do the obligation which is incumbent upon me, to do his will, to write to him wondrous words of Rabbainu Hakadosh za.tza.l., which give life to the soul of all life, and to fulfill thereby the exhortation of Rabbainu o.b.m., to make known and to publicize his holy daas (-know) in the world, to fill the world with the knowledge of Hashem (Isaiah 11, Likutay Moharan II 7), perhaps he will be aroused through this to put his eyes and his heart surpassingly in his holy books which are our entire rectification and redemption, and the rectification of the whole world. Fortunate is he who merits this.

I am hereby attaching to this a quotation of the words of our teacher the holy Rabbi Nussun za.tza.l., and this is the quotation (Life of Our Leader Rabbi Nachman, article 83): “It is a great merit for a person when he merits to have his thoughts roam in the words of our extremely holy and awesome Rebbe o.b.m. of whom there is no equal, and it is impossible to relate his holy praise so as not to tarnish his honor Heaven forbid, and all that is found in our words, any praise of our extremely holy and awesome Rebbe o.b.m., it is necessary to know that it is all likened to nothing, and it isn’t even like a drop of the ocean, because it is completely impossible to relate his praise, because he was hidden with the utmost concealment from human intellect, and even great tzadikim can not conceive a fraction of his stature. And we don not have conception or grasp of him whatsoever, except through the few wondrous Toaroas (-holy teachings) which revealed in his holy books, and the awesome stories, and from this each one, according to how much his heart can fathom, can understand slightly, a bit of the extent of the powerful height of his holiness, beyond limit. Fortunate is one born from a woman who merits to such a height which is elevated high and above, what a mouth can not say, and a heart can not contemplate (end of quotation).

“For he who has compassion on them will lead them (Isaiah 49, Likutay Moharan II, Torah 7),” that is, he who is merciful, he can be a leader. The tzadik, the true leader is very compassionate on Israel, for he has compassion with true mercy on Israel, which is, to imbue them with holy daas (-realization of knowledge), to make known to them that Hashem is G-d, and to extract them from iniquities, for this is the main compassion on Israel, greater than all kinds of mercy.

Because all the harsh suffering in the world do not come into consideration in comparison to the heavy burden of sins, Heaven have mercy, because when Israel falls into sins, this is an enormously heavy burden, which is impossible in any way to carry (this heavy burden), because someone who knows the holiness of (the people of) Israel, from where they originate, and knows the spirituality and the refinement of Israel, he knows that Israel are completely distanced from iniquity, and sin does not appertain to them in any way whatsoever, according to the greatness of their holiness from their roots, and the greatness of their refinement and spirituality. And therefore, all the suffering in the world is not considered a burden compared to the heavy burden of iniquities, Heaven forbid, may the Merciful One save us, because the main suffering is just when they fall into sins Heaven forbid, and this is the main compassion, to have mercy on the holy nation of Israel, to take them out from the heavy burden of sins. And in reality, how do they come to sins, it is only through one’s lack of daas, because (Sota 3), a person doesn’t commit a transgression only if a spirit of fallacy enters him, and this is the greatest pity over everything, that it is necessary to have compassion on him and imbue him daas. And therefore, all the mercy of the true merciful leader on Israel is to imbue them with daas, in order to extricate them from iniquities, Heaven have mercy, and it is precisely he, who is engaged in settling the world, so that the world will be settled with people, that is, people with daas. Because the essence of man is daas, and someone who doesn’t have daas is not a person at all, just an aspect of animal in the form of man. Also, he endeavors to bequeath his daas for the (future) generations eternally, for this is the main completion of the tzadik after his passing.

And even when his time comes to pass away, and to ascend very high above to the utmost height, even still it is not perfection to be only above, rather, the essential perfection is to shine after his demise to very down below as well, by leaving over a son and/or disciple who will receive his holy daas and will shine his daas in the world, eternally, from generation to generation, in order to save Israel from iniquities for generations upon generation, forever, and through this it is considered as if he himself mamash (-actually) remained in the world.

Also, he can learn (T.N. in Likutay Moharan being quoted here this can be read as: teach, however Saba clearly wrote: learn) and enlighten in the supernal dwellers and the nether dweller, to show those of high stature that they have no knowledge whatsoever of the knowledge of Him blessed He, and the converse with the nether dwellers who are situated in very lowest echelon, in the very earth, in the utmost descent, to show them that Hashem is still with them, and by them, and close to them, to strengthen them, and to embolden them, so that they do not despair Heaven forbid in any way in the world. Therefore, even if a person falls Heaven forbid to the place where he falls, may the Merciful One save us, and he is at the bottom of the lowest level mamash, even from there he can bind himself to Hashem and return to Him blessed He, for (Isaiah 6:3), the who world is full of His glory. And all of this one merits through the true tzadik and his disciples who nurtured from his holy daas. Therefore, every single one needs to have mercy on himself, and fall down, and beseech before Hashem Yisburach with copious tears, that he merit to know the absolute truth, that he merit to find such a true leader that can extricate him from iniquities, for this is the main mercy of all the types of mercy.

To be continued soon with the help of Hashem

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman

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