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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Exposition of Disputation - "Maamar Haveykuach" - Ramchal's introduction to Kabala


Maamar HaVeykuach

Exposition of Disputation

Author’s Introduction

Hashem the G-d of Israel, our Father Who is in Heaven, Who chose us to be his special (-segula) nation (Exodus 19:5, Deuteronomy 7:6, 14:2, 26:18), this He gave us as a sign of His love, and of that which he separated us from all the nations – knowledge of His great name and the secret of His wondrous deeds, which is impossible for any creature to figure out, except to the extent that He illuminates their eyes and imparts upon them of His spirit. And likewise Elihu said (Job 32:8), “Truly (wisdom) is a spirit in man, and the Divine (- of the Name: Sha”dai) soul gives them understanding,” and regarding this matter it is said (Psalms 111:6), “The power of His deeds He told to His nation.”

And because He hid the splendor of His Shechina (-presence) from the world, and constricted It in the Heavens, as it says in the verse (Psalms 115:16), “The heavens are the heavens of Hashem,” therefore people don’t know and are not perceptive of the truth of the works of Hashem, and as to the reality of His conduction the world, rather they attribute everything to nature, and to the constellations of the heavens, and their foolishness. And the first heretics contrived to serve all the hosts of heaven in ways known to them, in which they drew their powers down according to their way of endowment. And all of this came about from the administration of the holy Shechina not being revealed openly in the world, only in a concealed way. This not being the case with the angels, whose place in in the heavens, where the Shechina reveals Her dominion, and those standing in them (-the heavens) – know the truth which is hidden from those living on Earth.

However, when the Holy One Blessed He desired to draw close to Him His nation which is very dear to Him, behold He tore the Heavens (-at Sinai by the giving of the Torah), and revealed to them His concealment, to the extent that they all knew, and it was made clear to them in truth – that the entire conduct of those below, in the most exactitude conceivable, is only in the hands of the Shechina. And you don’t have a tiny thing in the world which doesn’t have vested in it extremely exalted and lofty matters. And then they knew and understood the entire secret of creation: for what the world was created, and on what it stands, and how it is conducted, and what the end of all these things is. And they knew the depth of His scheme, blessed is His name, and the great creations which He created for His glory. And they also saw how the people of the world go in darkness, and the truth is hidden from their eyes. And how the Holy One Blessed He set those things which cause the wicked to blunder. For, because He is hidden from the people of this world – He gave allowance to Satan to roam the Earth and go about it, and to do, and to seduce the heart of people with all types of trickery and deception, which the heart of man is lured after them, and is mistaken in so many mistakes, and thinks that the world only functions according to this nature which is visible to the eyes.

And behold all these things He revealed to their eyes, and they saw them, and they comprehended them in truth, and the reasoning to all this, and the depth of the supernal scheme which operates all this with tremendous wisdom, till the end of everything. And here they saw the greatness of the Torah and the mitzvoas (-commandments), what they are about, and how they enact great effects in all of creation. And they saw all the details of the mitzvoas, upon what they are based, and how they are so very, very necessary, like they o.b.m. said, “Between each and every statement (-of the 10 Commandments) – were enumerated the exact specifics and particulars of the Torah (Shir Hashirim Raba 5, Jerusalem Talmud Shekulim 6:1).” And regarding all of this, Moshe Rabbainu r.i.p. said to them (Deuteronomy 4:35), “You have been shown to know that Hashem is G-d in the heavens above and upon the earth below, there is no other.” Because the Holy One Blessed He showed them all of existence, and upon what it stands, and they knew with clarity that He alone is the conductor, and there is no other conduct, not natural, and not random, and not in any other way, just the conduct which He blessed He conducts in the deep scheme which He revealed to them. And He commanded them as it it written (/likewise) to inculcate in their hearts this truth, that it should be resolved in them without any doubt, like they saw it with absolute clarity. And this is what he said to them (Deuteronomy 5:21), “

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