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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Non Profit Orginization of Nanach!


B"H the Nanach friends, those that believe that the entire redemption is dependent on the dissemination of the holy teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, and to this end have been publishing tens of thousands of books and distributing them for free and or very negligible token prices, yes those pirate Nanachs have managed to put together a non profit organization where you can contribute easily straight into the hafatza blood stream, confident that the money is going purely for hafatza, there are no salaries here, no overhead, no organization costs or expenditures. There might be at times very minimal costs that are absolutely essential and unavoidable, and even these are often footed by the Nanach friends. So take down the information and perhaps you too will merit to some share in the redemption.

Bank Discount (of Israel)
דיסקונט בנק
מלא וגדיש (ע"ר)
מספר חשבון: 123379670
מספר חשבון קודם: 0-00-046098
סניף דרך בן גוריון 58

These are the guys that brought you the free English Rabbi Nachman's stories which is on the wiki and printed thousands already B"H. and more recently brought you the Sefer Hamidos in English also for free..... NNNNM!

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