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Monday, December 30, 2013

The crime of organized rabbis in breslov

BH just now by the holy tomb of Rabbi Nachman in Uman we received a beautiful new lamenated table cover. For two weeks we were mislead to believe that we had a working Mikva and there is not even any undertaking for a mikva. It is well known how the mikva is an essential of Breslov. Fancy table covers I don't think are ever mentioned at all. This is just an example of how the so called rabbis conduct their affairs at the expense of the Rebbe himself. How do the followers of these charlatans justify themselves for giving power to forces of no good?!  How do they standby highly suspected pedophiles and criminals such as the one in Safed and the one who escaped to Africa. How do they dedicate themselves to promoting a very sick individual like A. Who they have designated to be in charge of the holy tomb, when his perogrative is quite obviously very distant from Rabbainu? !

When will the people finally listen to what Rabbi Nachman says?

Here in Uman many are very frustrated seeing the different representatives hoarding all the revinue generated by the holy Tzion for their own wanton fantasies. instead of seeing a percentage of returns in frivalous extravagance while most of the money we don't see and at best can suppose is put to forward their own causes (because in the case of the rabbi from safed hundreds of thousands of dollars went for drugs and salaries to creeps)  and most probably to print their own books and conjecture in the name of Rabbi Nachman. Instead they would like to see basic necessities and services both local and international. Locally there should be a minimal food provision and accommodations. There is no reason why there should not be a free shuttle to bring people to Uman (the cost would not even be a tenth of a percentage of the gleanings), who with any loyalty to Rabbi Nachman can deny the absolute merit of such a service? ! There should be sanitary facilities and appropriate mikva. There should be proper heating in a large comfortable area.  internationally - money should be used to publish the Rebbes teachings - the REBBES not theirs....

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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