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Monday, June 12, 2017

Advice to attain diligence in Torah study - do not speak of the faults of any Jew


Someone asked Rabbainu, on the last erev (-the day preceding) Rosh Hashana of Rabbainu’s life (5571- September 28, 1810), in Uman, close to his demise (-October 16), advice for diligence (in Torah study). Rabbainu answered that he should not speak (bad) of anyone of Israel. Because each one of Israel has a letter in the Torah etc. and when one speaks (bad) of one, he draws himself away from the Torah due to his finding a defect Heaven forbid in a letter of the Torah which is the root of the soul of the one he spoke (bad) of, as is explained elsewhere (Sichos Huran – Words of Rabbi Nachman 91). The person asked Rabbainu, “And if one sees that the person is completely wicked?”Rabbainu o.b.m. scolded him, “How can you say of someone of Israel that he is completely wicked, behold there is certainly to be found in him a remnant bit of good or some good point in which he is not wicked. And he recalled then the matter of “and a bit more (/still remaining) and there is no wicked person,” which is explained in the Torah-lesson I will sing to my G-d with my utmost (/remnant), see there [Life of Our Leader Rabbi Nachman, article 34].

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