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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Blossoms of the Spring - Ebay Hanachal - Letter 5

Letter 5

B.H. 9 Shevat 718 (January 30, 1958). Tiberius.

In honor of the good and pleasant Mr. Z. Shazar, blessings of life and abundant peace.

The day before yesterday, I sent him good delicacies which his soul loves, and I hope that he will feel great pleasantness in them. Now as well (I) send him a good gift from the treasure house of Rabbainu, the pupil of our eye N’N’M’Ch’ [acronym of: Nachal <stream> Noavaya <gushing> Mikor <source> Chuchmu <wisdom> (Proverbs 18:4) – this acronym is the same letters as NaChMaN] za.tza.l..

The essence of the coming of the Messiah is to reveal the truth in the world, because now the truth is in great exile, and everyone says that the truth is with him, and the essential truth will be revealed by Messiah, and this is the essential redemption (Likutay Halachos, Choshen Mishpat vol. 1, 3:10, also see there Orach Chaim vol. 1, Morning Blessings 3:41, Yoreh Dayah volume 1; Signs of a kosher animal and beast 4:32, Interest 5:18, 31).

Truth and falsehood are the aspects of a king and slave, and due to the overwhelming falsehood, the son of the king was switched with the son of the slave, to the effect that they thought that the son of the slave was the son of the king, and the converse regarding the son of the king, as is explained in the Legendary Tales (Likutay Halachos, Morning Blessings 3:11). And the main nullification of the falsehood, and the revelation of the truth, is through abnegating himself absolutely and completely until he is in the aspect of actual dirt, in the aspect of, “and my soul should be like dirt to all (conclusion of the 18 benedictions)” (Likutay Halachos, Signs of a kosher animal and beast 4:28).

For everything grows from the earth, and all the things and creatures go and rest upon the earth, and it is impossible for them to cease and be distanced from the earth except by a power of force, that is, by means of someone forcing the item, and taking it from its place on the earth, and distancing it (– the item, from it – the earth). And according to the amount of power of the force, so the item will be distanced from the earth; and afterwards, when the power of the force ceases, the item returns to the earth, because the earth has the power of gravity, and draws all things to itself, because otherwise it would not be possible to stand/exist upon it, because it would be congruous to fall from it, since it is spherical and all of humanity stand around it, as is known, but for the power of gravity it has etc. (Likutay Moharan, Torah-Lesson 70).

And there is a true tzadik who is the foundation of the world, and he is in the aspect of dirt, and all the things stand upon him, and this tzadik is only solitaire in the world, and even all the tzadikim are only branches from him, each one according to his aspect, there is he who is a branch from him, and there is he who is a branch of branch. And this tzadik who is solitaire in the world is humble, and lowly, and makes himself to be as dirt, and through this he has the power of gravity to draw the whole world to him to bring them close to Hashem Yisburach and to His holy Torah. And this tzadik draws all the provisions of the world, for all the bounty is drawn from the aspect of the dirt, from the aforementioned tzadik (Likutay Moharan, Torah-Lesson 70).

And behold, it would be congruous for all the people to be drawn to this tzadik who is the aspect of dirt, who has the power of gravity, as mentioned above, however due to the power of force they are severed and distanced from him; that is, there are people that through their words and actions they force people, severing them and distancing them from the aforementioned tzadik, and according to the amount of the power of force so they will distance from the tzadik. And afterwards, when the power of force abates, he will return and he will draw himself to the dirt, to the aforementioned tzadik who has the power of gravity (Likutay Moharan, Torah-Lesson 70)! And the main build up of the power of force is through arrogance, and haughtiness, and honor – the fear that one’s honor will be diminished and he will be disgraced when he comes (close) to the truth. Therefore, whoever desires to know the real truth, should lower his self regard in truth, and remember his shortcomings and his lowliness in truth, and all that transpired to him from his onset; and when he truly feels his lowliness, then certainly the truth will be revealed to him, and the power of gravity will overpower the power of force, and he will be drawn with great speed to the true tzadik (Likutay Halachos, Choshen Mishpat, Division of Possessions 4:9).

Heartfelt wishes of well-being for him and all those in his company, and blessings of health of body and soul.

Yisroel Dov Odesser – House of Zalman Odesser - Tiberius

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