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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The bliss of giving yourself to only seek Hashem's glory

HH last night at the wedding of Michael Kohler I got to hear from Moshe Newman his personal recipe of how to come to terms with life's experiences and achieve bliss based primarily on Rabbi Nachman's holy teachings in Likutay Moharan, Torah-lesson 6 and II:23, the main point being that one must shelve his own honor and only seek the honour of Hashem, and in this light one should view all his experiences as if he is a third party - being shown and given to feel different phenomena that Hashem is conducting for his benefit.
Moshe figured this out almost 15 years ago in a vague way without a real handle on it while he began to experience these effects, and over the years he gained a grip of what it's all about and a system of how to go about achieving it, and in his clinic he is helping people realize this.
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman

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