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Thursday, June 1, 2017

On the way to receiving the Torah


Erev Shavuos I took the bus from Tiberius to Jerusalem, and a boy got on and he was talking on the phone in English, and when he finished, he turned to me and asked me in Hebrew if I had a siddur, and knowing that he was American, I answered in English, and one thing led to another, until it was revealed that this boy Shaul S. had been a major player in the white Nanach mini-school bus, he had helped pay for its trips and had participated in a bunch of music festivals with it. So I invited him to stay with me in my hotel room, and we spent s a lot of the holiday together, and in this way he merited to be by the holy tomb of King David and see the skinny dipping which takes place at daybreak by the Shiloach - down the mountain outside the Dung Gate, do the morning services at the Kosel, and all types of other things B"H. He told me that it was extreme Hashgacha Prutis that he had joined me on the bus, because not only is he not used to speaking to people on buses, but he shouldn't have been on the bus at all, because he had been at the bus station almost an hour earlier for an earlier bus, and somehow he missed it, and then he had tried to get the next bus, but he was caught in middle of buying a drink, and the bus driver wouldn't let him on, and so he was forced to wait for the third bus - the one I was on!

There you have a little bit of my adventures of Shavuos, B"H.

BTW of course we hid Peteks all over the room as did the other people in our little Nanach convention - so the next time you stay in a hotel in Israel - beware you might just be surrounded by Saba and the holy petek of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

BTW2 you may have seen in the news that there was a model of the Ark on display in Kikar Safra which costed tens of thousands of dollars which was demolished Shavuos night. The truth is (it wasn't in Kikar Safra, but in Kikar Tzahal - I think, but I'm not so sure of the names) it was a very cheap looking presentation - which was absolutely not in the proper dimensions of the Ark - not by any stretch of imagination - and Shaul says that he was shocked to see placards on the model proclaiming the name of j.c. - so this was a very cheap, underhand ploy at incitement of the thousands or tens of thousands of orthodox jews who traverse this spot, at specifically this holy time. (When I passed by the model, I didn't see the placard, but neither did I see the menora, both of which Saul saw when he passed by some time after me, so obviously they had erected this right there and then to missionize or incite or both).

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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