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Sunday, June 4, 2017

The way to receive the Torah as delineated by Rabbainu NNNNM in Likutay Moharan


In Likutay Moharan, Torah-lesson 7, Rabbainu brings an excerpt from the Talmud and explains it in the following way.

Rabba bar bar Chana said, a Yishmaelite merchant <this is the aspect of prayer and emuna-faith, which is the ultimate redemption from exile) said to me, "Come, I will show you Mount Sinai <this is the aspect of the 613 commandments, which are true advice and true seed. Emuna-faith can only be established with these truths>." {So now RbbC is on his way to get the Torah!} I went, and I saw that it was teeming with scorpions <these are the advice of the wicked, those who are not true tzadikim and yet give their advice and counsel which is likened to the advice of the primeval snake who advised Eve to eat from the forbidden fruit, which is adulterous seed. So RbbC saw that Mount Sinai - the Torah had all about it these characters promulgating their falsehood!> and they were standing like white donkeys/clay <this is a reference to the white strings of tzitzis which are likened to a clay seal, which are protection from promiscuity - the adulterous seed of the charlatans - the advisers of the snake. By virtue of the tzitzis one can remain faithful to receive only the true Torah and seed from the true tzadik>. And I heard a bas-kol (a Heavenly declaration) which said, "Woe onto Me for I made an oath, and now that I swore, whom will revoke it?!" <this is the instigation of removing the bonds of exile. When one guards himself from receiving the evil advice and guidance, and only learns the Torah from the true tzadik, he can achieve true Emuna-faith and prayer, which is real redemption, and real knowledge of the Hashem and the Torah>.

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