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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Anticipate God

Everyone has what they look forward to, whether it's making money, watching a movie, or whatever. The point is that one should make his main anticipation connecting with Hashem Yisburach. Even if it is only going to be for a few moments, that should be his highlight and what he craves and looks forward to. The coffee, tea, or whatever else it is that helps make him alert and more cognizant, should be only to prepare for this encounter. When reviewing one's day and evaluating how it went, the major factor weighing in should primarily be just this - how well did he connect today with HY, was it stronger than previously, the same or Gf less? What new technique did he learn, what new understanding of HY did he gain? How is he going to connect stronger next time, and in between...

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman

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