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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Joke is on Nanach

The following may or may not have occurred, only in Heaven they know.

There was a simple mayfitz who spent his days going from house to house, he would knock and begin to tell the inhabitants about Rabbi Nachman and offer them whatever paraphernalia he had available.

The day came for him to leave this world, and he found himself before the imposing gates of Heaven. So he knocked on the gates, as was his custom, and he was answered with a booming resonating cry, "What business do you have here?!" So our simple mayfitz replied, "Please let me in, I have come to tell you about Rabbi Nachman."
The Heavenly tribunal sitting above the gates looked at him incredulously, and looked at one another, "You are going to tell us about Rabbainu!" And they began to laugh and laugh harder and harder, and the saints came to see what was going on, and in between gasps they were brought up to speed that this simple mayfitz was going to tell them about Rabbainu, and so the saints were caught up in the laughter. Until all of Heaven was laughing. And Rabbainu himself came to take part, and had himself a good smile as he welcomed his little mayfitz home.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman

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