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Monday, July 17, 2017

Collective suffering for the better good

HH it was around this time three years ago that my leg was extremely swollen (from size 42 to 50) and was oozing with some sort of liquid and smelled like rotting fish, acute and excruciating pain the likes which I have never known etc. etc. until Hashem Yisburach had compassion and healed me completely miraculously.
A year or two later I learned that a NaNach friend S.A. during this same period underwent procedures on his stomach, which he told me were so painful and excruciating he never experienced in his life.
Just now I met an amazing new NaNach B.F. (he was going to Uman for years, but he was subordinate to a famous Rabbi in the north - by whom he saw amazing powers, and only about two years ago this rabbi was exposed by 13 women etc.. which brought this precious soul the extra mile all the way to NaNach) and we discovered that during this aforementioned period he suffered from a terrible malady on his eyes which left him blind, not upon us, until Hashem Yisburach had mercy and healed him.

That's eyes, stomach, and leg collectively!

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman

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