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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hypocrisy outside from inside

Many are astounded at the sheer ludicrous conduct of the haters of Israel. Like the U.N. deciding that the Western Wall isn't Jewish, their support of an education which is full of hatred and incitement, and putting Suadia Arabia at the head of women's rights!?.

And similarly so many other things, like the leftists strong advocacy for Islam, when according to Islam they would be slaughtered.

How do such crazy policies have any standing whatsoever?!

The answer is that it is empowered by everyone on their own personal paradigm. When people do not live the truth they invite the world to run in a similar hypocritical fashion.

Among many ultra right they sing the final words of Samson - I will avenge my eyes from the Pilishtim/palistinians - with so much fervor and excitement, even as they are falling in the very mistake which was the downfall of Samson - he went after his eyes (as revealed in the Talmud). This highlights the point of this post. The entire fantasy and flimsy imagination of the tv, movies, media is this power which is bringing down Israel, and to combat it Israel needs to get out of its bondage, and strengthen in truth and reality, real reality of Torah. But as long as people are still slaves to the aforementioned fantasies, they empower the world to follow suit on the global level. Even as the people are astounded and amazed at falsehood and hypocrisy, it is being fueled internally by they themselves.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman

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