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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Give people their space


In this weeks Parsha of Devurim (1:16), Moshe relates how he commanded the judges to arbitrate between man and his "gair" - Rashi presents two interpretations of "gair":
1. It is from the word to pile up, and it refers to an antagonist who piles up words in complaint of the defendant.
2. It is from the word to dwell, and it refers to arbitrating between two inheritors of an estate.
[3. See the next verse (1:17) where a word with the root "gair" means fear - and it is possible to use this meaning here as well].

On a more literal basis, we see that the Torah is calling one of the disputers "his gair" - the tenant or sojourner of his friend. He is parked in his friends space, and thus he is essentially being owned by him.

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