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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Difference between 49 levels of tuma and 50

HH our Sages revealed that in Egypt the Jews sunk to 49th level of impurity and had they been there just a bit longer they would have hit 50 and it would have been over. But now that we have been given the Torah we have the ability to survive even the 50th and that in fact is where we are.

Possibly the 49 is what the Egyptians were completely living the occult of black magic and demons and the like. This created an atmosphere of complete evil. Even still, that itself could be determined - that it was their own invention and creation. The 50th is when the evil is not based on demons and the like but science and philosophy which explain everything in the universe establishing heresy as the defining power of the universe. The Egyptians couldn't do this, their evil little souls didn't have the breadth to build that system, but they set the stage for the Jews to develop it. So HY had to hasten the redemption before the Jews would bring the occult of the 49 to the utter heresy of the 50th.
Since the Torah is the blueprint of the world, no science or philosophy can successfuly dominate in its presence, the sciences are slaves to the blueprint.
Even still it is very challenging. Science and philosophy has crept into our thinking, the way we think about things and how we associate our knowledge and understanding of what goes on around us. Someone completely enveloped in the Torah would be protected but for a few hundred years already almost no one had the the strength and ability to do that.
Rabbainu's teaching are the utter antedote. Because Rabbainu shows the roots of the Torah, and he shows where the heresy of the scientists and philosophers are rooted, where they are leeching from, whether it is from the Vacated Space or the Fallen Broken Letters, and so forth.
Even still, as we fell even deeper, and became completely enveloped in the 50th - the Vacated Space which G-d Himself chose not to be seen or realized, even the holy powerful teachings of Rabbainu are insufficient and can not dissipate the forces of heresy, the Vacated Space is powered by G-d Almighty, no system of holiness can be supported. There is only one thing that can overcome the VS, and that Rabbainu started to reveal in Likutay Moharan, is the song of the true tzaddik. The song is known to the Jewish soul, that is why all the children of Abraham are called Ivrim, because they can leap over the VS, but this is only the soul - subconscious level. The tzaddiks song actually peerces through the VS and rescues the souls caught there, injecting them with the Emuna - faith the antithesis of the VS. This is in LKM, but it is also only on a soul- subconscious level, only in the holy Petek did Rabbainu come straight out and reveal the holy song of the tzaddik. Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman.

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