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Sunday, July 19, 2015


When HY took the Jews out of Egypt, He could have brought them directly into the Holy Land which neighbors Egypt, directly North - on top of Egypt. Instead He led them on a very circuitous route.

The Torah talks about this and explains, that there was a concern that if the Jews would directly confront and battle the Plishtim who resided in southern Israel, they would retreat to Egypt. That is what is understood from the verse, however a literal reading of the verse gives a different reason, which because it is not readily understood, it is disregarded and explained as above. The verse says that HY did not take them by way of Plishtim BECAUSE it is close - i.e. the verse is not saying that the proximity is a reason for it to have been chosen, but on the contrary, the proximity is the reason that it was rejected as the entry route.

So how is the close proximity the reason to forgo it?!

Every nation has a unique characteristic, the Nations surrounding the Holy Land have very strongly overt evil ones. Whether it is promiscuity, idolatry, lust of food, etc.. These are all very dangerous, but they are also BH far and distant from the Jewish consciousness. The Plishtim however represent a morbid dominance of the empirical even as it is construed by the imagination and deviations of fantasy and conjecture. In Likutay Nanach chapter 370 I bring many cases where we find that the submission of the Plishtim, and escaping their rule, was always brought about only through great mocking and wild antics and shenanigans, and this was the only way to escape the clutches of the dominion of powerful delusions of reality that the Plishtim had.

Today this klipa has taken hold of most of the western wall who are not just enthralled with the sciences and cinema, they are completely enslaved to this venue.

This is the klipa that is so close to us, it is so hard to see past what our physical eyes seem to be seeing - as we are told and led to believe by the scientists and the cinema. The world has such empathy and compassion for this worthy cause of keeping life to the confines of the depressed sentiments of their sensual desires.

Even as the soldiers fight valiantly against the Plishtim, they sing of Samson who took revenge on having been blinded by the Plishtim, and these soldiers lunge forward even more blinded. Samson was blinded by the desire of his eyes, as our Sages revealed that this was his undoing, he went after his eyes, thus falling straight into the hands of the Plishtim. Today all the excited right activists, whether they are fighting in arms or in the media, as they fight outwardly, on the inside, they have already lost and capitulated to the Palestinians. It is almost comical, if it wouldn't be so sad and pathetic.

There's a great more to be said, but if only you would properly contemplate this...

The answer of course is. Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman!

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