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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Division of State and Religion

It would seem that the concept of division of government from religion may be tenable if there is in fact both sides, religion and government. However when there is no religion, the government laws become peoples morality and religion. So the idea kills itself, as the government not only can not separate itself from religion, it is the religion.
The ludicrous refuge of permitting everything between two consenting adults obviously needs some limitations, there needs to be some way of determining where to draw the line. Assuming there was strong religion, religion could liaison with government on that, without either breaking its role. Just as the government prints on the currency In G-d We Trust, each side could trust and be supported by the other, and yet be independent. Freedom of religion isn't like a permit to make a bonfire or build a house, it provides for a viable entity that will critically impact the nature of the government. However today's religion, even where it exists, is mostly based on the peoples feelings at it is formed by their liberty of state. The people tell the religion what type of religion they want based on their rights by the government. Thus the government is mainly playing both sides.

This is already fully manifested in today's society where e.g. children make celebrations when they come of legal age to smoke, drink or whatever. Communism is also based on consent, and it became the national religion, and as per the above example, national holidays which were of the triumph of their national consent, were celebrated religiously.
Everyone believes in something. Those that choose GF to believe that there is no G-d, are faced with no alternative but to create their own golden calf, a code of morality based on their own desires and needs, here there is no differentiation between government and religion, it all the same.
Those who believe in G-d will find that there is actually an active place for a fully effective government, even a secular government, as we find the rule that the laws of the government are binding.
Freedom is not determined by the amount of liberties one is given to do whatever he wants. These liberties are usually the opposite, they shackle a hold a person back. Most people agree that children should not be exposed to certain things and that they should not have the liberty to smoke and dried drink. Most would agree that adults shouldn't either be smoking and drinking, but here the decision is given to the adult to make. The adult has in him both departments, state and religion. These will determine how he chooses to act.

Maybe more later

The main thing is that thank G-d we are not in this mess, because thank G-d we have the holy teachings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman!

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