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Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Righteous Suffer

The Ramchal in Daas Tevunos explains that there are 2 ways HY runs the world. 1 is by virtue of reward and punishment. 2 is according to the grand master plan to reveal His Perfect Unity. In order that His unity is revealed completely, evil is given full opportunity to do what it can, and then HY shows how therefore in reality even the evil is for the good.
The Ramchal says that if HY would run the world solely with #2, all the righteous would be suffering and the wicked would be thriving. To the extent that o e would pick the suffering to merit the infinite macro reward. But since there is also #1, so no one could ever know why a given person is suffering or thriving.
The Ramchal also says that as the coming of the Messiah approaches HY more and more is running the world with #2.
That means that the chances are that if a person is righteous he will be suffering HY.
This brings to mind what Rabbainu said that nowadays we don't find kosher people with exaggerated wealth, to come to such wealth one has to fall deep in the tuma RL. Writing with my thumbs here without a computer it is too difficult for me to develop this.


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