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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Good news

The eyes and heart lust after things that wither away, in the most 50 years those images will have lost all their allure, and after 120 years they will be 6 feet under eaten by worms.
The good news is that all those who struggled not to be drawn after these false attractions, eventually when they will be freed of their evil inclination, and even as they become older and lose the intensity of the lust, they will be rewarded quite naturally by the tremendous relief they will feel, the new freedom, that aside front he great reward they will get.
But those who play to the empty temptations of this world, which are in fact just holographic images fueled by passions of blood and gore, these people who wish to consider these things appealing and desirable, will forever be trapped in this emptiness GF, even after there bodies weaken and desires fade their hearts will continue to covet and ache for the empty meaningless shapes and designs that have no real meaning or worth. It won't end for them, they will be trapped GF.

"Disturbing" indeed!

Rabbainu even gave a parable about this, once a coachman was taking some people on a long journey in the freezing Ukraine, and he stopped somewhere and he said there used to be a cavern here where we used to stop and drink....

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman

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