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Sunday, July 12, 2015

The stupidity of the Olympics and similar competition

HH the absolute stupidity of sports, running around for nothing, and all the passion for nothing, doesn't need too much mention, anyone aiming for the truth will be abhorred by it. What sometimes can be misleading are the physical achievements that athletes can achieve or once in a while we hear can be pulled off through meditation. Here it is important not to fall for how pathetic this all is. If a person could empower himself with the smallest of angels he would literally be able to skip and fly around the world and lift the largest building, all the more so a person's soul which far greater. So here people are caught up with puny accomplishments of their body, while they are sitting on the awesome power of their soul. Like showing off picture of toy cars instead of drag racing in the most advanced model cars.
Yes, there might be something to keep the body a little fit, but anything more than little bit is and will be the source of eternal shame of the sheer stupidity. In days to come the body will altogether be secondary to the soul, and will be like a guest, just as now the soul seems secondary and like a guest in the body, there are a few stages to this, until eventually the body will just be completely swallowed by the soul, all the 5 main stages are delineated in Daas Tevunos of the Ramchal.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman

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