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Monday, July 20, 2015

Nanach Fellowship

Rabbi Nachman's Stories of Ancient Times

Of The Prayer Leader

"So the Prayer Leader with his people dwelled outside of civilization, and were involved only with prayer, songs,and praises to Hashem Yisburach, and confessions, fasts, afflictions, and penances."

Rabbainu is the Prayer Leader, his men are the Nanach. Although it is not the custom of the Nanach to deliberately self afflict themselves etc. the fact of the matter is that they are no strangers to punishment, to say the least, every Nanach I know can write at least one volume of accounts of his trials and tribulations, some can write many volumes. Rabbi Nussun said, that even though the Rebbe revealed many Torahs about fasting, the tradition in Breslov is not to fast (R. Yisroel Karduner asked Rabbainu, and Rabbainu showed him a small piece of bread, meaning, don't fast but suffice with the very bare minimum), but when we have to fast for one of the fast days accepted by all of Israel, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of, to merit all these things Rabbainu divulged. So it is with the Nanach, although they do not invite the hardships, when they are in fact visited by them, the Nanach should accept them with love and see them as an opportunity to gain atonement, purity, and adhesion to HY.


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