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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

New movies of Rabbi Nachman's stories

HH as much as I was excited to see that people are working on bringing Rabbainu's stories to the cinema, I have come to have strong reservations. Besides for the fact that I have heard that Saba said not to make illustrations for the story, how can people who do not fully accept the word of Rabbainu be loyal to even to what should be obvious. Whether it be BRI (breslov research institute) who use Rabbainu as their private puppet to advance their own version of Dov Dov (-children's series) Judaism in financial and social comfort, or people even less affiliated with Rabbainu, like the guy who just put out the move who doesn't even care to go to Uman.
A very glaring and critical example is the characters presented in the kickstarter bid -- they are beardless. Anyone familiar with Rabbainu's teachings would know, that Rabbainu said that 500 years ago even the gentiles all had beards. So where is the veracity of presenting a film of Rabbainu's stories of ANCIENT TIMES with beardless characters?
Rabbainu said that even a tiny deviation from the exact details detracts tremendously from the story, so offering a illustrations and animations for them is a very risky venture -- but to openly not embrace the absolute finality of what is known and presented to us by Rabbi Nachman, is self defeating, misleading, and just another modern day scam.
Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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