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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Following - based on a fallacious creed exposed by Rabbi Nachman of Breslov!

There is a movie - or TV series - "The Following" (sorry, I see now that it is 3 seasons, and I don't know which season or all of them this is attributed to, maybe someone can help out) which is based on a cult which follows a fallacious creed strikingly similar to what Rabbi Nachman of Breslov - Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman - exposed in his Legendary Stories of Ancient TImes, in the Story of the Prayer Leader, Rabbi Nachman recounted:

"One faction said that the main object is not honor, and they conceived that the main object is murder, for, 'We see that all the things that are found upon the earth – grasses, and all plants and people, and all that is in the whole world – must all ultimately cease to exist. Hence the very goal of all things is to be finished off (i.e. destroyed). Therefore, a murderer who kills and destroys people, is really bringing the world to its purpose.' Therefore they came to the conclusion that the goal is murder. They looked for a person who would be a murderer; an angry person and an extremely vengeful person, for such a person is closest to the purpose (according to their deluded mindset) and he deserves to be king. They went looking for such a person and they heard a shriek. They asked, 'What is this, such a screech?!'
"They replied to them, this shriek is: someone has slaughtered his father and mother.
"They spoke up, 'Where else can one find such a strong hearted and angry murderer, that he should murder his own father and mother? This man here (i.e. the one who killed (his) father and mother) has reached the purpose!' And they were very pleased with him, and they accepted him as (a) king over them. And they sought for themselves a country that causes (i.e. brings about) murder, and they chose a place among mountains where killers abide, and they went there and settled there with their king."

Amazing how in modern times the media really worked at resurrecting this creed...

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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