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Tuesday, November 15, 2016



How can one attain humility, isn't one's own ego always going to be at work for any attainment (-Rabbi Nussun actually asked this from Rabbainu - and I discuss this there B"H)?!

One has to invite upon himself a realization of something much great than himself. Imagine walking into a miniature world made of sparkling crystals and diamonds and gems - you would forget about yourself - you would just be in awe - that is already humility. Now imagine every step you take you see that you are smearing the surface and darkening the room etc., you would want to disappear, that is real humility.

We must pray to start to get some real conception of the utter magnificence of what the world is about, and we will just want to melt into the surroundings without leaving any markings.

This is in fact the humility of HY, Who created the world with all of creation and left it with no visible trace of Himself.

This is one step of understanding. Now we can understand that in reality all of creation is like a garment to HY who is hiding behind it, revealed and concealed. When one praises G-d's creation, he fixes the garment so that it is revealed. And this is what it says in Psalms, Hashem reigned haughtiness He wears.... The haughtiness of the world that stands as an entity of itself, is in reality G-d's garment of humility which shows His utter unparalleled greatness.

May we merit to many more steps of understanding.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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