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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The One defining moment of your entire life and legacy


The Torah says, "that is why they called him <Esau> Edom" - on account of his choosing the red red lentils at the cost of the rights of being the first-born of Yitzchok. So I'm just writing this down because it is mind boggling how the entire superpower of Edom - gained its name and identity from a few minutes of Esau's life, a little fressing indulgence (-because he was exhausted from murdering and raping etc. etc.).

Almost - on a similar vein Rabbainu berated one of his chief disciples, putting his hand on his heart, and saying for a fleeting pleasure of a quarter of an hour, one is willing to forfeit the future world?! (That was not an exact quote, just as it came to me by memory, look it up inside).

This also reminds of a story, in the conflict that developed between the Chozeh (Seer of) Lublin and the Yid Hakadosh ("The Holy Jew" who was actually a disciple of the Chozeh), there was a certain talmid chuchum that took a side (-I think of the Yid Hakadosh, but don't remember for certain - but I will continue on this assumption) - the Chozeh said, that the Satan had let that talmid chuchum alone for more than 60 years, to learn diligently and pray and his devotions in the service of Hashem - free passage - all so that he could take a more convincing opposition against the Chozeh.... So that was this guys - this big talmid chuchum and oavaid Hashem of 60 years - that was his  defining moment, when he stepped up to bat at a true tzaddik....

May we merit to be defined by the name of the holiest tzaddik Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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