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Monday, November 14, 2016

When the World Became More Merciful Than G-d Almighty


The Lord, Creator of the entire universe and those living in it, provided for the relationship of boss-employee, and also for that of Master-slave. Of course the slave that HY allows for, is provided very strong rights and he must be treated properly, respectfully, and all his needs cared for, but nevertheless he is a slave to his master. Today that idea became worse than taboo, anyone even so much as to suggest such a notion is considered G"F as being worse than an ardent bigot and racist. But the sad truth is that there are presently tens of millions of refugees (-who knows really how many, because the media is just one big lie, but they do seem to convey that there never was such a thing in history of so many millions of homeless refugees), many of them are willing to put their lives at enormous risk to try to sneak into some accepting country, because that is by far a better chance and alternative to their current dire position. So these millions of people languish in subhuman conditions. No country wants to take them in, because taking them in means giving them full rights of a citizen, and also invites all the crime and hatred that these people are about. In former times this was not a concern, there was not such thing. These people would gladly be taken and inculcated into societies, they would just not be given the full status of a regular citizen - and of course in those days with no checks and balances obviously there would be a lot of people taken advantage of, which is undeniably cruel and terrible. However, why can't we ask a mother getting on an overloaded boat which has a very high chance of sinking, and as she boards with her little babies, why can't she be given the choice to be accepted warmly in someones house as a live in servant - with no full status rights, just a servant, who must work for her masters, and in return - she doesn't have to die at sea with all her children, nor does she have to live in subhuman conditions with the threat of being killed or dying always in front of her, because the world can not bear to see themselves better than her, masters over her, so they rather opt to let her die in misery. The world today abhors that one man can be a master over another, better that the other should die is squalor. The world has taken to be the master of the G-d....

Of course I write all this very hypothetically for the greats who are so much smarter and more capable than me, to consider and reject.

May HY bring already the complete utter freedom of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman to the entire world!

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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