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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Know Your Warriors


Just saw this little story from Yehoshua Sofer - who goes by the title Abir - as universal master of martial arts - in a system based on the holy letters of the Aleph Beth (you can see videos of him in action on the youtube, and he has weekly classes....) - may HY bless him.

So Y.S. tells over that he would read aloud to Saba from holy books for hours on many nights, and once after reading for some time, Saba was sitting motionless, so he wanted to see whether or not Saba was sleeping, so he tried making a very slight change, instead of saying R' Cheeya he changed the name to that of another holy Sage frequently mentioned together, and immediately Saba sprang up and told him that he shouldn't forgo saying the holy name R' Cheeya, Saba told him all about who R' Cheeya was, many stories, to give him a better idea of who R' Cheeya was and how valuable it is to just say his name. Saba ended by saying, in heaven on judgement day they will ask you מה חמית ומה פשפשת  (questions of how much one merits to fathom of HY and His Torah, in Likutay Moharan volume 2 Torah 7 - Rabbainu says that these are questions pertaining to the highest tzaddik who is in the aspect of Ma"h and "sleeping" see there the story that R' Eliezer was sleeping and R' Yehoshua was awake, and R' Eliezer's sleeping is referring to a very high level of conception of Hashem Yiburach the aspect of the ultimate knowledge of not knowing, the aspect of a son, whereas R' Yehoshua who was awake, was only in the aspect of a servant attaining the knowledge of the absolute Presence of HY), not if you tested R' Yisroel Ber. In this way Saba revealed to YS by an amazing slight hint his high level of the tzaddik who is in the aspect of a son, who is in the aspect of sleeping, as explained in Likutay Moharan.

The Abir has many many more amazing stories he saw and experienced with Saba which he shares in his lessons.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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