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Monday, February 13, 2017

A little about science


This is something that I found myself writing on a thread on facebook, it is really a very lengthy matter which I have addressed somewhat in my Hebrew Likutay Nanach, but since I've written this now in English, I will share it here:

HH the Torah says that Solomon was the wisest of all men even more than Moses, and the holy books are asking how that can be possible, and the Zohar explains that Solomon had wisdom of the working of the lower worlds of which Moses had absolutely no interest. Once a person merits to know of the workings of the inner worlds with their supreme power he will not care to waste an iota of time or energy in the weak infinitesimal lower systems. (In ancient Egypt they had magic doing all types of things that today is done by technology, and in contradistinction Adam originally had angels doting on him and his every pleasure and luxury.) And all this pertains to real wisdom, however the empirical happenings of this world the Zohar very greatly derides, and the Ramchal elaborates as well that the Sages of the Talmud don't even give any attention or mention to it at all, it is a very shallow shell which wraps up the true working of what is really going on. It is like measuring and analyzing ripples in a pool of water without taking into account the stone which was thrown into the water and set them off. And so the scientists are busy measuring and quantifying the superficial values, and completely missing the true workings - and that's besides for the fact that because their focus is so completely misplaced the chances of their having true faith and integrity is very slim, may the holy Merciful One have mercy on us in merit of the holy Petek of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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