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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Know the Enemy


Imagine you are hit with an onslaught of lust which drives you to the edge, and then you discover that it is your itzy bitzy nerd neighbor who is doing voodoo and all types of black magic on you GF. You would no longer feel so helplessly overcome and inundated, you would take it in stride and you wouldn't allow yourself to be knocked out of control into the degradation of bodily desires simply because some imbecile wishes your downfall. To a certain decree many of our trials and tribulations are instigated by lowly evil spiritual forces that seek our detriment. Big tzadikim would be very aware of who and what was confronting them and would name them aloud and battle them precisely with holy incantations and so forth. This is something we can't even begin to do, even if we would get lucky here and there, that would just open us up GF to much worse GF. Even still we must bear this in mind, that lowliness of the forces seeking our downfall, seeking to slump us into depression, sin, and even self abuse GF, and to register this strong in our faculties that there is no reason why we should let such a lowly thing dominate us or issue us any inconveniences whatsoever. The prayer of the high priest Rabbi Yishmuel gives a few paragraphs of invective to put such lowly evil forces in their place. Ultimately however everything is exactly how HY wants it for us, so that we have free choice, and without Divine help and intervention we can not surmount the new attacks of the evil forces which charge us.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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