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Sunday, February 12, 2017

The guilt of destroying the lives of the chabad dynasty


R' Avrohom Kalisker, whom Rabbainu asserted was the only tzaddik that he had seen whom had attained perfection, wrote letters to the first lubavitch rebbe begging him not to print the book Tanya. R' Avrohom felt that even the chabad rebbe himself would admit that it was a terrible idea to try to make thousands of easy chasidim who were grossly inadequate and would mislead themselves to deluded grandeur with their misconceived understanding of the constructs of holiness and spirituality discussed in the book. R' Avrohom writes in wonderment of how the first rebbe even came to such a thing, as he wasn't suspect till then of seeking rabbinate or followers. R' Avrohom holds the first rebbe guilty of destroying his (the first rebbe's) son - by placing the mantle of the chasidic master on him raising his prestige and high standing, Rabbi Avrohom writes, how can the boy possibly cope with such honors, it is like sending an unarmed man into battle. R' Avrohom writes that even his own rebbe - R' Menachem Mendel of Vitibesk the talmid of the Magid of Mezhritch wasn't willing to stand the test of such a stance, and took strong measures to get out of it. This son went on to become the second rebbe of chabad, he is known as the Mittler (middle) Rebbe - with all the grandeur of the chasidic masters... R' Avrohom Kalisker tried to save him, he had mercy and compassion on him, he wrote to his father explaining to him that he was guilty of destroying his own son GF, but to no avail.

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