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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Why be (the) cross?


Rabbi Moshe Dovid Walli – an elder contemporary-student of the Ramchal revealed that the root of the xtian cross and its symbolism is the breakout from the Unity of G-d - “peerood” - introducing various gods.
Recently it occurred to me how – from where the cross gleans its sustenance. The prophet says in the name of HY, I am first and I am last, and the Ramchal explains that before and after the existence of creation G-d is absolutely One, only in the middle – G-d created the world which allows for the perception of many. Thus if you would run a vertical line, the top and the bottom would be before and after creation where G-d is absolutely One, and somewhere along the line you would draw a short horizontal line to represent the allowances of perception that G-d created – and from this paradigm is where foreign deities are given their very platform of existence, and from there they strive to grow and dominate (only to show how in fact it is powerless and even without entity in the true existence of HY).
Also if you examine the three unifications of Ne”R (flame) the middle one YHVH&ELOKIM which correlates this middle period is 9 letters, whereas the first and last unifications are only 8 letters.

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