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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Lakewood feeding the klipos R"L


In parshas (portion of the Tora) Shemos (Exodus), Pharaoh says that all the boys born should be thrown in the Ya-or and all the girls born should be given life. The Zohar says that the boys are a reference to the Holy study of God and the girls are a reference to the talmudic method of study similar to that of yeshivos of today where they are busy extrapolating intricacies of laws and don't give so much attention to the Holy Blessed Creator. This the Zohar explains was the real servitude of Egypt. The tribe of Levi remained firm in their belief of God and refused to be slaves to the mental gymnastics and competition taking place by their brothers. The Leviites spent their time singing and praising God and clinging to Him.

The word Ya-or, a reference to the Nile, is spelled with an Aleph, it means, Lake. If you spell Ya-or with an Ayin (as the Ramchal does) it means, Woods. Together you get: Lakewood. This is a clear allusion to the sending of boys to Lakewood, so that they can find girls - to get married. And on a more meaningful level, the servitude to the Talmud instead of hooking up with holiness and Godliness. (thus it is termed the Nile and not Egypt, because the Nile is what feeds Egypt, just as those slaving to the Talmud are R"L feeding the klipos - there is in fact a town Egypt close to Lakewood!).

We must try to be free, free to be Godly. This is the holy way of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman MiUman!

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