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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A very practical way to bring the redemption according to Breslov tradition


There is a tradition in Breslov that there is a very simple, powerful, and practical way for us to bring the redemption, and that is by utilizing the Torah that Rabbainu revealed in Likutay Moharan, Torah-Lesson 31, that every holy yearning and longing creates a soul which goes out into the world and whoever it encounters it brings them good desires and thoughts. Thus any person can literally be a mega factory, spewing out vast quantities of holy souls which go out and tune everyone in to holiness. The yearning must be verbalized to produce the souls.

Looking at history, up to the holocaust, Breslov was starting to grow, especially in Poland it gained very strong traction. Most of them were killed may HY avenge their blood. After the holocaust we see just a few Breslovers in Israel, one can read about them in Yimay Shmuel - The days of Shmuel Horowitz, a close friend of Saba Yisroel. They were a very small group, blood brothers. They lived under constant threat that they would be accused of spying for the Russians (Uman was then in Russia)- the great enemy of the Turks who ruled Israel, and they were hated etc. etc.. These few Breslovers lived entirely for and by Rabbainu. Thus they were very much occupied in manufacturing and producing holy souls to proliferate goodness in the world. Shmuel Horowitz himself writes how often he couldn't sleep at night (these Breslovers in the preNanach era were much stronger willed than us, they were able to go sometimes for 2 days without sleep, just on sheer willpower in the holy excitement of devotion of Hashem) as he lay pumped up with intense yearning for holiness - hours of yearning, before getting up for midnight and going all out in prayer in hisbodidus. Undoubtedly these few Breslovers were rocking the entire world with their infusion of holy souls - and it is safe to presume that the entire hippy movement, where so many millions of people were sick of living empty materialistic lives and sought to find some meaning, all of  this can be attributed to the few Breslovers. Unfortunately, aside from Shlomo Carlbach there were no others to help guide the masses to holiness, and Breslov was to small and contained to be on the scene, until Saba Yisroel came out fully with the holy Petek.

It is high time that the holy men of Rabbainu, those true to the holy Petek, get back in there, get back to this holy enterprise.

Every person who believes in Rabbainu Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman should set for himself/herself a minimal time daily, that no matter what he will not forgo (an if there are extenuating circumstances he will make up the time the next day) to dedicate to this simple holy critical devotion, the manufacturing, production, and delivery of holy souls into the world. No day should ever pass by without taking at least one moment to actively discharging a good soul out there - as a minimum limit, and a person should have a primary goal of a lengthier daily time period dedicated to contributing holy souls to the world. Thus he should have two boundaries, a bare minimum that in no way whatsoever he reneges, and a primary full daily regimen.

It has been said that every time one says Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman - it brings 200 people to have a thought of repentance. That is one thought, and one needs many more, and there are billions of people... so get to work!

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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