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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Pride brings to hom*s*xulity


Rabbainu revealed in Character - The Aleph Bet Book of the Traits ( that through excessive pride one will be sod*mized like a woman (Humility 2:2), and that through arrogance one comes to hom*s*xual desires (Arrogance 2).

Elsewhere we have already expounded upon this. Recently I've seen people writing about how they were born this way, and they fought it but were completely overwhelmed until the came to the conclusion that this who they are. So here I just want to point out that this is their utter pride and arrogance as if the trial and tests that they were up against were more difficult and challenging than the challenges everyone has - for after all everyone came into the world precisely to take on this exact challenge of s*xual purity, as Rabbainu made this very clear. So everyone undergoes tremendous battles, ups and downs, wins and losses, in this very field, and everyone, according to their pride will G"F be led to think that maybe he/she is different than others, and is entitled to certain things - maybe to watch clean movies - which is an aspect of being raped G"F, for the eyes bring upon the watcher the ravages of the emptiness of the film, and so on and so forth, every person according to their pride and assertion that they are different, place themselves into a position of extreme danger.

May HY have mercy on us.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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