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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Exodus - the odyssey to freedom reflected in the Stature of Man as it is reflected in the souls of Israel


The Chumash (Book, fifth) of Exodus is called “Shimoas” - “Names,' it lists the names of the Children of Israel and goes on to describe the exodus, the receiving of the Torah, and the building of the Tabernacle. All of these are formation of freedom, and they are all the same aspect, because the Torah which is a composition of the Divine Names of G-d is also a composition of the Names of Israel as we know that every soul has its root in a letter of the Torah, and Hashem's Name is partnered with the name of the tzadik, every Jew being a tzadik. The Tabernacle is also a microcosm of the entire universe, just like the Torah, and just like the stature of man. All the Jews together form the stature of man, and each one by himself is a microcosm of the stature of man, and a Tabernacle for the Shechina, the Divine Presence.

The exodus was replete with awesome miracles, so much so that one loses sight of the main most basic phenomenon that took place. Before the advent of any modern technology, some three million people (-estimated projection based on 600,000 between the ages of 20-60) got up together, synchronized and in congruity, and so they traveled together. This feat isn't even considered and counted as a miracle, it is taken for granted, and even if one would GF deny all the miracles, he would have to acknowledge this unbelievable phenomenon, that an entire nation of three million simply got up and marched together, with no previous practice or training, and waltzed out of Egypt and proceeded in such precise formation, stopping, camping, and starting in congruity.

This is the secret of the stature of man, the true Tabernacle for the Shechina, as mentioned above, so that each and every person has their own exact position, and when the true leader, the true tzadik of Israel rules, he is the daas (holy realization of knowledge) of Israel, and he brings the spirit of prophecy to each soul in the way particular to that soul in its position. And thus the very formation of the camps of Israel was a vessel for the Divine Presence.

In the future we will once again merit to remove the heart of stone <lev hu-evven> and Hashem Yisburach will give us a heart of flesh <lev busar>, Rabbainu said that this is an indication that in the future everyone will be Breslov, because the medrash says that “lev busar” is like “lev boasair” - a heart that despises what is not congenial to its own indigenous root and position, “lev boasair” is the same letters as BRESLOV. And so in the future, under the auspices of the holy spirit of Rabbainu, every soul will automatically be comfortable only in its own unique position (see elsewhere where it is explained that the answer to racism is not interracial mixing to wipe out the distinction, on the contrary that would be destroying the importance and role of each race, rather it is the realization and the maximizing of the potential of each entity in its true indigenous place and function, and thus each entity is equal in completing the final construct), and everyone will fall in place, and the stature of man, the form of the camps of Israel, the form of the Tabernacle will automatically be built and take shape.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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